Progra head office is located in Ravenna in via Pirano7, two additional branch offices are located in Sannazzaro Dè Burgondi (PV) and Gela (CL).
Progra internal staff is made up of 56 people, divided according to the following functions:

  • n. 6 Civil/Structural Engineers
  • n. 2 Hydraulic Engineers
  • n. 4 Mechanical Engineers
  • n. 2 Process Engineers
  • n. 2 Electrical/Instrumental Engineer
  • n. 6 Senior Civil
  • n. 6 Senior Mechanical Technicians
  • n. 11 Senior Piping Technicians
  • n. 5 Junior Piping Technicians
  • n. 3 Senior Electrical/Instrumental Technicians
  • n. 3 Junior Electrical/Instrumental Technicians
  • n. 6 Technical and Administrative employees

Company Functional Diagram

Progra Technical resources are supported by an extensive computer network (more than 70 workstation and peripherical devices) equipped with the most updated ICTechnologies, wich allow each authorized user to share every job information.

The design tools are completed by a powerful set of reliable software packages (both licensed, as internally developed) wich assure high efficiency and quality:

  • Plant CAD Design: Esapro P&ID, Esapro 3D Piping, Esapro isometrics;
  • Process simulation: ASPEN HYSIS;
  • Electrical and Instrumental Design: INSTRUCALC, ABB Docwin, BLITZ;
  • Price lists & metric calculation: PRIMUS;
  • Planning: Microsoft PROJECT;
  • Hydraulic Design: Idracad, Epanet, Swhm, Hec – Ras;
  • 2D & 3D Draftiny: AUTOCAD, Tecnometal;
  • Pressure Vessels Calculation: Compress, Vsr;
  • Stress Analysis of Piping Systems: Pipe Plus, AutoPipe, Caesar II, Chempute;
  • Structure calculation: Staad-Pro, GT-Strudl;
  • Sea Environment Loading: Gt-Selos;